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netflix in Bratislava

Netflix is available in Slovakia and after its launch on January 6th in 2016 you can now watch four Mission Impossible films, lots of romantic films like Jackpot in Vegas, No Strings Attached and Bride Wars and tons of great TV series like The Blacklist, Elementary and of course Netflix productions like Orange is the New Black and more.

After years of waiting people were very happy to see that Netflix turned available in Slovakia and we believe that thousands of people will start their thirty day free trial at once as they realize that Netflix has arrived. But, what can you do if you are from Slovakia but live abroad and want to see Slovakian Netflix? It is very easy! All you need is a Netflix subscription in one nation (doesn’t matter which nation you have your subscription in) and in addition you will need a HideMyAss subscription. HideMyAss is a VPN provider and using their services you can get access to servers in more than 150 nations worldwide, and one of these nations are Slovakia. If you connect to a server in Slovakia you will get a Slovakian IP address, and once you have that you will get access to Slovakian Netflix as you visit That is in other words how easy it is to watch Slovakian Netflix from outside Slovakia.

In the same way you can do if you want to watch US Netflix in Slovakia or so. Because Netflix check your IP address you can just again use HideMyAss to change your IP address, and if you connect to a server in Mexico then you will get access to Mexican Netflix and if you connect to a server in Spain then you will get access to Spanish Netflix and more. If you want to know more about region switching with Netflix then this article and site is perfect for you!

If you want to know more about HideMyAss before you continue, then this review is useful reading!

netflix in Bratislava
Watching Master of None on Netflix in Slovakia

Upon the Netflix launch in Slovakia all content were available in English only, but it is expected to be made more Slovakian within the coming days and months, and thus Slovakian subtitles can be expected and also more content made in Slovakia and made by Slovakians!

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