Bratislava Christmas market 2015

Christmas Market Bratislava

Christmas Market BratislavaThe Bratislava Christmas market in 2015 has already opened (on November 20th) and it will remain at its current spot all the way until December 22nd. In other words now is the time to come to Bratislava to check out the Christmas market in town, and if you arrive to Bratislava after December 22nd, then you could consider visiting the Christmas markets in Budapest or in Vienna instead.

Together with the Christmas markets in Bratislava comes loads of programs, and every day there will be different concerts, dance performances and cultural programs taking place at the stages on the markets. You can read more about the locations of the Christmas markets in our article on the Christmas markets in Bratislava.

If you visit Bratislava, maybe only for a day trip, then you should make sure not to miss out on how beautiful the markets are in the evening. It gets dark in Bratislava around 16.00, and that is when the beautiful Christmas lights are turned on and both squares with the big markets turn into fairy tale land with mulled wine, sausages, lots of stalls from where you can buy gifts and presents and of course nice Christmas music in the background.

What you will find at the Christmas markets are mostly handmade stuff, so it has a real value and is not a result of mass production. If you would want to buy a nice Christmas present in Bratislava then the typical souvenirs are handcrafted cups and mugs, maybe a t-shirt with one of the cool statues on, or if you want to, then you can also buy some great organic coffee and tea and have it delivered to your hotel in Slovakia instead.

But, when you come to Bratislava we would skip the organic coffee and tea that we mentioned above and we would rather drink tons of mulled wine and eat the traditional Christmas market products outdoors instead.

What kind of temperatures can you expect during the Christmas market?

During daytime the temperatures can be quite nice, somewhere between 0 Celsius and 7-8 Celsius, but once the sun has gone down it can get quite cold and you can experience temperatures around -5 Celsius. And notice that it can get windy, so do not forget your warm clothes as you pack up your suitcase preparing for your travel to Bratislava.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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