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3 thoughts on “Questions and answers

  1. Christopher Massingham says:

    I need a price list for the below beers, If I have the beer names correctly that is.
    This is for a stag do weekend.
    I have looked everywhere online, but cannot find reliable ABV content or price.

    1) Zlatý Bažant “Golden Pheasant” – Svetlé Pivo
    2) Šariš – Premium
    3) Martiner – Pivovar Hurbanovo Gemer
    4) Pivovar Steiger – HELL
    5) Urpiner – Exclusive
    6) Stein – Pilsner Lager
    7) Starosladnicke
    8) Popper – Premium
    9) Kaltenecher – Brokat Dark Lager
    10) Kaltenecher Chopper IPA Grand Champion

    I would greatly appreciate your help!


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