Bratislava is a pearl located by the bank of the Danube. It is the capital of Slovakia, and though it might not be as popular as Budapest and Vienna, everyone should still use a day or two to visit this charming city. Bratislava is a very special capital, because of its size. It is fairly big and has a total population of around 500,000 people. That makes it cute, though still majestic with its beautiful position along the Danube.

In our Bratislava Guide you will find information about restaurants, attractions, activities, hotels and also some practical advices. We also help our visitors with different programs in Bratislava, and currently among the most popular programs are the guided tours, the thai massage and our delicious wine dinner. Look around, and we hope you will find something interesting as well.

Most people think of Bratislava as a cheap city in the Eastern Europe, just like Budapest and Prague. But, the general image people leave Bratislava with is that it wasn’t that cheap after all. Both hotels and restaurants are normally more expensive than in for example Budapest and Prague, though not at all very expensive, but more expensive. So be prepared, but do not be scared! Bratislava is definitely worth a visit and you have so much to look forward to.

We wish you a happy stay in Bratislava, and we hope you will find our webpage interesting!

Bratislava Guide

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