Sports bars in Bratislava where you can watch Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is coming up in only a few weeks and this time it will be more interesting than ever before with Slovakia qualified for the tournament. But, where can you watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava?

There will for sure be TV screens available all around Bratislava in bars, restaurants and in pubs, and also in hotel rooms and so on, but if you want to watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava with lots of other fans then a sports pub is a good place to go. Now it isn’t that easy in Bratislava as in other cities, because Bratislava isn’t exactly packed with fantastic sports bars, but there are some places you clearly should consider!

If you want to watch Euro 2016 open air then you can also go to Vienna where there will be fantastic broadcasting of Euro 2016 in front of the City Hall, but there will probably be something similar in Bratislava as well, we only do not know about it yet!

Euro 2016 in Bratislava

Watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava

Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant, Sedlarska 6, Bratislava 811 01

Do a Google on this bar and you will find everything from fantastic reviews to the most terrible and people saying that the entire staff should be fired. Maybe you should go and give this place a try yourself and write a review afterwards telling us how you felt watching Euro 2016 in Dubliner Irish Pub in Bratislava?

U Belasych, Junácka 4, 83104 Bratislava

This might be one of the best sports bars in Bratislava, a bit outside the inner city center, but still quite easy to get to using a cab or some other sort of transportation. They are showing live sports every day of the week, so a good place to visit throughout the entire year.

Magic Sport Pub, Jungmannova 16, 851 01 Bratislava

This is just as much a restaurant as a pub, but it has a clear focus on sports and should serve as a great place if you want to watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava in a pub.

All Stars Cafe, Sedlarska 5, Bratislava

This is a place that has a quite good rumor, but also quite some reviews that are not so good, but in general a place people like to visit as they come to watch football matches and other sports events. They have lots of food and drink on their menu as well, so here you can combine watching the European Championship with some food.

Watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava somewhere else

You can of course watch Euro 2016 online while in Bratislava. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a phone and then you can follow these instructions and you will be ready to watch Euro 2016 online right away on UK television.

Slovakia will play their first match in the European Championship against Wales on June 11th and if they want to have any chance at getting to the knockout stage they will have to stop Gareth Bale in this match and grab the three points themselves.

You can also watch most of the Euro 2016 live on Slovakian TV in your hotel room.

Slovakia is ready for Euro 2016

We are a bit late with this article, but we are so happy about it that we decide to write about it, even if we are late! So yes it is true, Slovakia is ready for Euro 2016 which will be played in France the summer of 2016!

Slovakia in Euro 2016We do not know yet against which teams Slovakia will play in the tournament, but the possible opponents can be found and read about in the following article. What we can know for sure is that Slovakia will not play against Hungary and they will not play against Czech Republic, two opponents it is nice that they will not meet, just for the sake of friendship! But, if they are lucky, or maybe unlucky, they might end up facing the same two opponents which they already met in the qualification group, meaning that they have the chance to play against both Spain and Ukraine in the Euro 2016. We are not sure if that would be a positive thing or not, because both those teams are really tough, and Slovakia may have been lucky to be able to beat both Ukraine and Spain in matches during the qualification stage. Maybe Austria would be a better opponent than Ukraine, but in football it is impossible to say and impossible actually to predict the strength of the teams, so by the time we reach France and the Euro 2016 Slovakia might be in such a good curve that they can beat any team. But, on the paper Slovakia might not be among the big favorites to even qualify for the knockout stage following the group stage.

If you feel like celebrating then you can of course go out into the streets of Bratislava and enjoy a delicious hot wine or maybe a traditional sausage at the big Christmas markets in Bratislava. You can read more about the Christmas markets in the following article, and if you want to enjoy some nice Christmas films online, then there are lots of Christmas films on Netflix and you can get some nice suggestions for such Christmas movies in the following video.