Can Slovakia do it again?

Spain vs Slovakia online

Spain vs Slovakia onlineOn September 5th Slovakia will travel to Spain to play against Spain in the Euro 2016 qualification. A while back Slovakia managed to beat Spain the first match (to everyones surprise). The question is now whether Slovakia will be able to do it again?

The first match between the teams was played on October 9th in 2014 at the Štadión MŠK Žilina in Zilina. Now the Slovakian heroes will travel to Oviedo for the return match and all of Slovakia will cheer for their heroes. If you want to cheer for them as well, but want to watch the match online, then you can do so. There are different ways in which you can watch the match, but the most enjoyable is for sure to watch it with English commentators on Sky Sports. This is the method recommended by the IP Address Guide as well, and if you want to know more about how you can watch Spain vs Slovakia online on Sky Sports, visit which tells you how you can watch Sky Sports online on the official Sky TV media site online.

In the first match Juraj Kucka scored the first goal for Slovakia in the 17th minute, but when Paco Alcácer scored for Spain in the 82nd minute everyone thought the victory was lost. But, when substitute Miroslav Stoch scored in the 87th minute Slovakia was in the lead with 2-1 and the victory was won. Hurray! Can they do it again?

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