Who will broadcast the Premier League in Slovakia?

Barclays Premier League is the most popular football league in the entire world and if you come to Slovakia you will for sure wonder where and how you can watch it. The easiest is to visit a sports pub in the center of Bratislava where you can watch Premier League matches. If you keep on reading we will give you some more advices.

First of all, Digi Sport is currently the company with the rights to broadcast the Premier League in Slovakia. This is a pay TV channel, meaning that you will either need to sign up for them, or make sure that you order your entire cable subscription package through them. If you are just an expat on a visit that will not work so easily, and that is why you might need to find another solution to the problem. There are two ways, so keep on reading.

Find a good sports pub

There are several good sports pubs in Bratislava where you can watch live coverage of the Premier League matches. Two of the most popular sports pubs in Bratislava are:

Šport Pub Machnáč
Address: L.Svobodu 4308/42, 811 02 Bratislava

AllStars Cafe
Address: Sedlarska 5, Bratislava

On these places you can enjoy a good drinks and also some bites to eat while you watch your favorite teams play in the Premier League. If you have any advices on other sports pubs in Bratislava, just write to share your insight and we would love to mention more sports pubs in this article as well!

Watch it online

If you want to sit in your room or in your flat, but do not have access to Digi Sport in Slovakia, then you can watch it online. It is not possible to sign up for Digi Sport in Slovakia online, so you will need to find an other solution, and the best source for information on how you can watch the Premier League online legally is www.watchpremierleague.org, so visit that site and you will find the information you are looking for.

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