Bratislava Jazz Days 2014

Jazz DaysThe annual festival of jazz will be held in Bratislava again this year. It is one of the most popular international jazz festival in Europe. Every year it attracts thousands of people from all around the world and from the neighbour countries.

The first festival was in 1975 when Slovakia was part of the Soviet eastern block and was isolated from the western influence. It has been the 40th occasion since the first Bratislava Jazz Days was held the first time. Visitors can enjoy the best jazz concerts and best performances during the festival. The Bratislava Jazz Days is offering a wide range of concerts from the best Slovakian and from the best international bands such as the Slovakian Starts of Jazz, the Les McCann & Javon Jackson Band from the USA, Robert Cray Band which is an American band, Robert Cary who is a blues guitarist and singer who won 5 Grammy Awards during his career and Hugh Masekela who is from South Africa and several other musicians.

The Bratislava Jazz Days will take place in the capital of Slovakia, in the heart of Bratislava. The festival will be held from Thursday 23rd October until Sunday 26th October 2014. Tickets for the festival are already available, daily tickets are for 25 and 35 euros, a daily V.I.P. ticket is for 65 euros, a three days festival ticket is for 60 euros and for V.I.P. it costs 90 euros. V.I.P. festival pass is for 180 euros, but there are daily tickets for 14 euros and at the door for 18 euros. All the V.I.P. includes cold and warm meals buffet, alcoholic and alcohol free drinks in the V.I.P. zone.

For more information on the festival check the official site. Find out more about other events in Bratislava.

Bratislava Jazz Days 2012

For the 38th time in history the Bratislava Jazz Days will be arranged, in Bratislava (of course). The venue for the festival is the Incheba Bratislava, which is the number one concert venue in Bratislava. The jazz days will be arranged between October 26th and October 28th and every day there will be special concerts taking place in the arena.

On October 26th there will be a concert with Mario Biondi & The Italian Jazz Players. Mario Biondi is said to be one of the best soul singers in Europe at the moment, so do not miss out on this event on the opening daz of the jazz days in Bratislava in 2012. In addition to this event there will also be an Grace Kelly Quartet concert on October 26th and Simone Kopmajer Band will also enter the stage to play.

On October 27th there will be two different events/concerts taking place arranged by the jazz festival. The first one is with Till Brönner Quintet and the other concert on October 27th will be with Dianne Reeves. A Polish guy will also come to perform on October 27th, and he is a part of the Zbigniew Namysłowski Quintet.

Bratislava Jazz Days 2012On October 28th the American Funky Jazz, Reggae and Blues, soul and funk group named Kool & The Gang will come to Bratislava and the Incheba to perform. There will also be a concert with Pierre de Trégomain Quartet and then the last event on October 28th is the one with Elif Çağlar Quintet.

As you can understand you have lots of things to look forward to if you plan on visiting Bratislava between October 26th and 28th. Bratislava Jazz Days is a legendary event, and that is also why it is arranged for the 38th time this year. If you want tickets for any of the events, make sure to hurry up and order them today!

Bratislava Jazz Days 2012

October 26th-28th