Cities worth visiting within a 300km radius of Bratislava.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a charming city with a rich history and culture. However, there are also many other destinations worth exploring within a radius of 300km from Bratislava. From picturesque medieval towns to stunning natural landscapes, here are some of the top locations near Bratislava worth visiting.

If you come to Bratislava, you should obviously spend some days discovering the city first. But if you have more time left and want to see even more, these destinations are all within 300km of Bratislava. As a result, you can easily reach them within a couple of hours of driving (or less).

Places worth visiting near Bratislava.

Vienna, Austria (67 km)

Just a short drive from Bratislava, Vienna is a city that needs no introduction. The imperial capital of Austria is famous for its stunning architecture, grand palaces, and world-class museums. Visitors can explore the historic center, attend a classical concert, or enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many traditional cafes.

Highlights include the Imperial Palace, the Belvedere Palace, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the famous coffeehouses where you can enjoy a cup of Viennese coffee and a slice of Sachertorte.

wien prater

Budapest, Hungary (197 km)

The capital of Hungary is a vibrant city that straddles the Danube River. Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, grand architecture, and buzzing nightlife. Visitors can explore the historic Buda Castle, relax in a traditional spa, or take a river cruise to see the city from a different perspective.

Highlights include the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Hungarian Parliament Building, the Chain Bridge, and the famous thermal baths such as Gellert and Széchenyi.

parliament in budapest

High Tatras, Slovakia (231 km)

For nature lovers, the High Tatras mountain range is a must-visit destination. The Tatras are the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains and offer stunning scenery, hiking trails, and winter sports opportunities. Visitors can stay in charming mountain towns like Tatranská Lomnica and Štrbské Pleso and explore the rugged terrain.

Brno, Czech Republic (130 km)

Brno is the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, known for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere. There are plenty of things worth seeing and doing in Brno. One of the most interesting places to visit is the Spilberk Castle, a historic fortress that has been used as a prison, barracks, and now a museum. You should also take a look at Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important examples of modern architecture in Europe. If you come with kids, the Brno Zoo is popular, and if you like high speeds you should visit the Masaryk Circuit hosting the Czech MotoGP and other racing events.


Prague, Czech Republic (330 km)

I realize that Prague is more than 300 km from Bratislava, but it is still worth mentioning in an article like this one. The city is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is known for its beautiful architecture, delicious food, and famous landmarks such as the Charles Bridge, the Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town square, and the Jewish quarter.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (230 km)

Would you like to visit a mighty little town with an awesome atmosphere in the Czech Republic? Only 230 km distance from Bratislava you will find the city of Cesky Krumlov. The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage site list and if you get there you will quickly understand why. The surrounding area might not be beautiful, but once you walk into the old town, you will stand amazed at what you see and the mighty castle surrounding a part of the center.

cesky krumlov

Sopron, Hungary (95 km)

Sopron isn’t far from Bratislava, making it a place easy to visit while in Bratislava. The city isn’t very special, but it has a very nice city center and makes it ideal if you want to taste Hungarian food and travel home able to say that you have been to Hungary during your trip to Slovakia. Some of the highlights in Sopron include the old town, the fire tower, and the Karoly lookout tower.

Familypark, Austria (72 km)

If you travel with kids you shouldn’t tell them about this option unless you seriously consider going there. If you tell them about it without going there, you will suffer from kids who complain a lot later. Familypark is an amusement park in Austria (not far from Bratislava). It is a fantastic place for the entire family with rollercoasters and lots of other fun things to do.The park attracts visitors from Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia every year between April and the end of October. Your kids will love you for taking them to this place!

familypark in austria

Schneeberg, Austria (170 km)

Forget about city sightseeing and shopping. Schneeberg is the place to go if you want to climb a mountain and enjoy the fresh air at above 2000 meters. You can travel to the top by train, or you can walk to the top and sleep in a cabin at the top. There are many options, but this is recommended for those who want adrenaline and a stunning view.


What will you do? Where will you go?

We have shared lots of ideas and suggestions for day excursions from Bratislava in this article. Which sounds most tempting to you? We would love to hear your thoughts. If you have gone to any of these places and ready to share your experience, write a comment below.

Can I visit Prague on a day-trip from Bratislava?

Are you bored in the capital of Slovakia and look for options for day excursions from Bratislava. Are you considering a day-trip to Prague from Bratislava?

Most travelers would agree that Prague has lots more attractions and famous sights to offer its visitors than Bratislava. For that reason, most people have already been to Prague, but they have yet to discover the beauties of Bratislava. But, if you still come to Bratislava and would like to do a day trip to Prague, then it can be done quite easily.

There are bus companies operating buses between Bratislava and Prague, for example, Orangeways and Flixbus. You can do a quick Google search for those companies to book your tickets right away. There is, however, better options, and the best option is for sure your own private car. If you use a bus you will have to use time getting to the bus station in Bratislava first, then you need to get from the bus station in Prague to the city center, and as you leave Prague in the evening you will have to repeat those actions again. For that reason, a private driver or your own private car is far more convenient.

Driving from Bratislava to Prague

The distance between Bratislava and Prague is 328km. Almost the entire road is done on highways, and the quickest route passes by the city of Brno, another Slovakian city you might consider to visit. According to Google Maps, the travel time from Bratislava to Prague with your own car should be a bit more than 3 hours, without stops. If you want to stop and have something to eat along the way, then the travel time will, of course, be even longer.

You should of course not forget that when you actually arrive in Prague you will also need to find a place to park your car, and often you spend a long time doing so (unless you have planned where to park your car in Prague), so our recommendation is that you plan this beforehand in order to save time and get the most out of your day in Prague.

Visit the Prague Christmas market on a day trip from Bratislava
Visit the Prague Christmas market on a day trip from Bratislava – Source: Fotolia

What to do in Prague on a day trip?

You will find lots of advises concerning your day trip to Prague in the Prague Guide. There you can also check the list of what’s on in Prague, in case you would like to travel to Prague to check out a concert, a festival or some other cool program.

Our general suggestions for a day in Prague would include walking across the Charles Bridge, visit the Old Town square, eating a Czech Goulash and taste some local beer, and maybe do a river cruise on the Vltava River.

We hope this information will help you out. If you have further questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath.