Spring hotels in Bratislava

Are you looking for a nice hotel for a night or two in Bratislava for the spring of 2014. We have some hotel recommendations for you!

The old town of Bratislava has a special atmosphere to it, so when coming to the capital of Slovakia you should either live in the old town or at least very close to it. Bratislava has very nice prices on their hotels, so you should be able to live in a four or five star hotel quite easily, even though the prices in general are higher in Bratislava than in for example Prague and Budapest.

Here you will find three hotels recommended which all have great location in central Bratislava and reasonable prices. Enjoy your stay and all the amazing attractions of Bratislava.

Spring hotels in Bratislava 2014
Hotel Avance
Tulip House Hotel
Botel Gracia

Bratislava hotels

Good Bratislava hotels now!

The late summer and the autumn is probably the most popular time of the year for a visit to Bratislava, and lots of smaller and larger groups come to town to see the beautiful old town and walk in an atmosphere full of history, cool shops, nice hotels and some great restaurants. If you come to Bratislava as well, one of the first things you need to do is to book a hotel, and here you can find some recommendations for great hotels with good prices currently available in Bratislava. Some of these also have free WiFi available which can be very useful when you want to read about the different Bratislava attractions in our Bratislava Guide while at your hotel, before you walk out to see them live.

Recommended Bratislava hotels now!

– Abba Bratislava Hotel (****) – Reserver

– Hotel Avance (****) – Reserve room
– Kempinski (*****) – Reserve room
– Apartment Residence (***) – Reserve room

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Good hotels for winter/spring season

Bratislava hotels
Bratislava hotels

If you are coming to Bratislava in end of February or in the spring months of 2012 we have some hotel recommendations for you. A good hotel is very important as you come to a city, and it can either make your stay or destroy your stay. These hotels all have good locations in Bratislava and the quality should be good in all the hotels mentioned. Look around and hope you will find something suiting your taste, demands and your wallet.

Five stars
Marrolls Hotel
Kempinski Hotel River Park

Four stars
Hotel Avance
Skaritz Hotel and Residence

Three stars
Hotel Michalska Brana
Apartment Residence

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