Slovak Food Festival 2015

Slovak Food Festival 2015

The Slovak Food Festival is an annual and also the biggest foodie festival in Slovakia. In the middle of May this special gastronomic festival will be held again in the capital of Slovakia in Bratislava.Slovak Food Festival 2015

In this year the festival will bring together the best quality traditional dishes with a great atmosphere. The Slovak Food Festival is a four days long gastronomic event which takes place at the Bratislava Castle. The castle is situated on a hill above the city which gives a perfect panoramic view over the Danube and the whole city.

The festival mostly focuses on the various traditional Slovakian dishes but visitors will also have the chance to try the different nations’ specialties such as the Hungarian and Austrian national dishes as well. This will be the 6th time the Slovak Food Festival will be held in Bratislava and through the years it became one of the most popular events not only in Bratislava but in the whole country as well. Apart from the most delicious, special dishes and the fun atmosphere at the festival, it is also a perfect opportunity to discover the important cultural centre of the city alongside with the most breathtaking historical monuments in Bratislava.

This year the Slovak Food Festival will be held from Thursday 21st May to 24th May in 2015 at the Bratislava Castle.

Bratislava Castle
811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

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      That would be great, but unfortunately not! Foreigners eat at the same prices as the locals. It is worth noticing though that the prices are not at all bad, at least not compared to prices at similar festivals and markets in other cities in Europe.

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