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Get ready to start June 2024 with a boom in Bratislava. Gordon Sumner is coming to sing at Ondrej Nepela Arena, and you have the chance to be there. Maybe you wonder who Gordon Sumner is. You probably know him better under his artist name, Sting!

Sting will tour large parts of the world in 2024, and he actually started his tour already in 2023. He will visit cities close to Bratislava, so if you are unable to be there at Ondrej Nepela Arena on June 1, why not listen to Sting as he performs in Budapest, Ljubljana, or Zagreb instead?

Sting is much more than a musician and a singer. He is a big fan of yoga, he is a talented actor, he loves soccer, and he even has a vineyard in Italy in which he grows grapes. But, when he gets on the stage in Bratislava it will all be about music.

If you thought Sting would visit all the big cities in Europe during this tour you are very wrong. The big and popular European capitals such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome are not going to be visited by Sting during this tour. In other words, you must come to Bratislava or some other city in the part of Europe often referred to as Eastern Europe to listen to him.

Of course, there will be some concerts in Germany and all across England, but still, this is first of all a tour of Eastern Europe.

Sting Bratislava 2024

Date: June 1
Location: Ondrej Nepele Arena

Tickets: You can buy tickets for the Sting concert at the Viagogo marketplace. There you can also buy tickets for the other Sting concerts in Europe and on other continents.

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Jun 01 2024


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Ondrej Nepela Arena
Ondrej Nepela Arena

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