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National Day Bratislava

Establishment of Slovakia – National Day

Slovakian National Day, also known as the Day of the Slovak Republic, is celebrated annually on January 1st. It marks the establishment of the Slovak Republic as an independent and democratic state in 1993, after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The day is celebrated throughout the country, but the festivities in the capital city of Bratislava are particularly noteworthy.

The celebration in Bratislava begins with a ceremonial raising of the Slovak flag at the Slovak National Council building, followed by a parade through the city’s historic streets. The parade is a colorful spectacle, featuring Slovakian folklore dancers, traditional music, and festive floats decorated with national symbols and colors.

One of the highlights of the National Day celebrations is the awarding of state honors and medals to deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to Slovakian society. This ceremony takes place in the historic Reduta building, which is home to the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.

How does this impact you as a tourist?

Most people are tired after celebrating New Years Eve on January 1st. In addition, stores are closed on this day. As a result, January 1st is what some people might call a boring day in Bratislava. Many restaurants are open on this day, but prepare for it to be a quiet day in Bratislava.


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