Discoveries on Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle discoveries

Bratislava Castle discoveriesThe Castle of Bratislava is a treasure and a beauty at its beautiful location ruling the city, and the Danube. Since May 15th a very interesting exhibition about the castle of Bratislava can be enjoyed as you visit the capital of Slovakia. The official title of the exhibition is “Witness of the past – The newest and older discoveries on the Bratislava Castle.” At the exhibition you can get a very good insight in the life and history of the Bratislava castle, and get to more about life at the spot back to Roman period, and all the way to the present days.

Where can you see this exhibition? Of course in the castle itself, the Museum of History in Bratislava, a division of the Slovak National Museum.

The last day of the exhibition is December 31st, 2013.

Discoveries on Bratislava Castle
May 14th – December 31st, 2012
Museum of History Bratislava

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