How can I watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Slovakia?

I am going to Bratislava in June and would like to watch the FIFA World Cup 2014. How can that be done?

Thanks for asking. Luckily it is easy to watch the World Cup 2014 while on holiday in Slovakia. The national channel Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) will broadcast during the World Cup, so if you want to watch the matches in your hotel room or somewhere else, this channel is to be found almost everywhere, so just turn on the TV and you will find it!

It is of course a pity that Slovakia themselves will not participate in the World Cup, but at least we can watch the matches. If you want to watch them online that can also be done at the RTVS website. However, if you try to watch these from abroad it will not work, as you need a Slovakian IP address for this to work. Click the linked text to find out how to get one.

If you do not know much Slovakian, and would rather watch the World Cup with English commentators, we recommend that you read the following article where you will find information on how to watch the FIFA Cup 2014 online on  other TV channels online.

Enjoy watching, and hope this answered has helped you on the way!


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  1. Heimo says:

    I would also like to watch the FIFA World Cup in Bratislava. Are there any possibilities to watch with other people. Like an Public Viewing. It would be great if you could tell ne some good places to watch the matches. Especially the Germans.

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