5 attractions you have to see in Bratislava

When tourists don’t have enough time, what they can spend in a foreign country, they want to see every important thing within a few days. For them, the perfect place is the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The city, which belonged to Hungary, a tiny capital, it doesn’t have so many attractions, but still there are lots of things to see. This article wants to help you, it contains 5 attractions, which – on our opinion – the most important ones, so you don’t have to waste your expensive time with researching.

1. Bratislava Castle

Just like in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, the Castle has a very big role in Bratislava’s view. The Bratislava Castle is located next to the famous international river, the Danube, on an 85 meters tall hill. Those, who visit the Slovakian capital, have to see the castle. The best thing, what you can do to start a busy sightseeing day in the Castle. From here, you can even see Hungary or Austria, but if it’s more than enough for you, you can see the beautiful Bratislava view. Amazing environment, fantastic history, this is waiting for you in the Bratislava Castle.

2. Grassalkovich Palace

The palace was built by Antal Grassalkovich, Hungarian lord in 1750, today this is the home of the Slovakian head of state. The baroque building is surrounded by the beautiful French garden, where visitors can walk peacefully and see the amazing building – unfortunately only from the outside. The palace is located in the center city, so you would run into it during you sightseeing tour.

3. UFO restaurant

Change to modern! The UFO restaurant is located on the top of the Novy Most Bridge, which crosses the Danube in Bratislava. Attention, this program could be great only for those, who don’t scare of high, because the restaurant located 85 meters above the Danube. If you beat your fears, you can see a breathtaking view, while you taste the Slovakian kitchen’s greatest things.

4. Main Square

A sightseeing recommendation can’t skip the Main Square from the list. In Bratislava this square is one of the most beautiful attractions, because tourists can buy souvenirs, see beautiful buildings and don’t forget the Maximillian Fountain, which has a majestic statue on the top, the 10,5 meters tall Roland statue; this is a remarkable attraction.

5. Michael Tower

The last and still active clock tower in the old town can be seen from almost everywhere in Bratislava. The 0 kilometer is located here; it shows the distance between Bratislava and other big cities. Those, who go up to the top of the tower, can see the beautiful view of Bratislava from another perspective, for example they can explore the several boutiques in the little streets of the area.

Naturally, there are more interesting attractions in Bratislava, but these five are recommended from our deep heart. If you have more time (we hope, you would), surf our website for more information about the attractions in Bratislava: museums, statues and restaurants. Have a great time in the Slovakian capital!

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