Going to the Christmas markets in Bratislava? Read this first!

Are you going to the Christmas markets in Bratislava? Are you looking forward to it? You should! But, before you go, read this article to enjoy the Christmas markets to the max!

The annual Christmas markets in Bratislava brings tens of thousands of tourists to the town and lots of locals to the city center of Bratislava. These markets will give you the chance to experience the local culture and buy lots of products you will not find in regular stores. So if you want to enjoy your stay in Bratislava, use five minutes to read this article. It will help you in your preparation, and it will also share some insight that will help you return home with cool experiences you will remember for a long time.

Christmas market Bratislava

Christmas market advice

Come with an open mind

Do not travel to the Christmas markets in Bratislava and think that you are only going to eat food that you like and know. Come with an open mind, and prepare yourself for new tastes! Half the fun in visiting Bratislava and the Christmas markets is experiencing things you haven’t experienced before, and tasting stuff you haven’t tasted before. Do not be afraid of tasting something that you will not like, rather be afraid of missing out on something that you might like.

Come with warm clothes

Do not only arrive with an open mind but bring some warm clothes in your suitcase. You might drink a whole lot of hot wine, and it will for sure help you stay warm, but some warm clothes will prove themselves even more useful. During the daytime, you will often experience beautiful sunshine and quite nice temperatures, but as soon as the sun goes to bed or hides behind some buildings, the temperature will decrease, and you will get cold. The best way of avoiding that is, of course, bringing warm clothes, warm shoes and whatever you need to keep warm.

Live in the city center

Would you like to live in the very heart of Bratislava? Would you like to leave the hotel and be by the biggest Christmas market in Bratislava at once? If your answer is yes, then you should stay at Radisson SAS Carlton in Bratislava. This is the most central hotel in Bratislava. It might be more expensive than other hotels, but you will save a lot of time living in a hotel as central as this one. If you want to live at a cheaper hotel, but still in the center of Bratislava, we can warmly recommend Hotel Michalska or Hotel Arcadia.

Why is it important to live in the city center? You will save a lot of time. It is also very convenient because you do not have to bring all sorts of clothes with you out all the time. If you start freezing, return to your hotel room and put on extra clothes. If you get too hot, leave the clothes in your hotel room and come back for them whenever you need them. If you live outside the city center you will use money on cabs and public transportation, and of course spend lots of time traveling/walking, so all in all, we believe you will do better simply booking a central hotel in Bratislava instead.

Christmas in Bratislava

Plan your programs already

Have you read about a Bratislava restaurant that you for sure want to visit? Do not forget to book a table in advance. You might think that it is easy just to drop by, but in December both locals and tourists visit their favorite restaurants in Bratislava, and it can often happen that a restaurant is fully booked. It is important to remember that lots of companies also have their “Christmas celebrations” in December, and thus they go out to eat with all their employees. This, combined with lots of tourists, will cause restaurants to be fully booked/reserved. So, go ahead and book your table in advance, at least if it is important for you to visit a certain restaurant.

Are there other programs you want to take part in? Book them as early as possible!

Visit Vienna or Budapest

If you come to Bratislava and have some time left, why not make a day trip to Bratislava or Budapest, or maybe even Prague? Vienna is the most accessible city to visit as it can be reached in less than one hour from Bratislava. Budapest and Prague are a bit further away, but if you have a private driver, these are both destinations easy to visit on a day-trip from Bratislava. If you have 3-4 days in Bratislava, you might feel as if you have discovered the essential places and Christmas markets after the first two days. In such cases, a day-trip to one of the mentioned cities might be a great program. It should also be mentioned that these cities all have fantastic Christmas markets!

Get some cash from an ATM

If you come from a nation with Euro this should be no problem. But, if you visit Bratislava for the Christmas markets and do not have any Euro’s in your wallet, you should get some. You can pay with your card in most stores in Bratislava, but at the Christmas markets, you will normally have to pay with cash. For that reason, get hold of some cash, and the best way to get some Euro is by using an ATM.

Bring a large suitcase

It is much funnier to visit the Christmas markets in Bratislava if you have a large suitcase in which you can bring extra stuff with you home. If you come with hand-luggage only, you will visit the markets and know that “I cannot bring anything with me home anyway.” That is a boring mentality, and it is much cooler if you discover Bratislava and the Christmas markets knowing that anything is possible, and you look for great products to bring with you home.

Check out the Christmas market dates

The dates for the Christmas markets in Bratislava differ from year to year. Make sure to check them out, so that you will not arrive too early, or too late. You can read more about the Christmas markets in Bratislava (including dates) in the linked article.

What is your Bratislava Christmas market advice?

Have you got any advice that you would like to share with our readers? Have you got a question about the Christmas markets in Bratislava? Use the comment field beneath and let us hear!

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Christmas Markets in Bratislava in 2017 🗓

Would you like to enjoy the beautiful Christmas markets in Bratislava in November and December this year? Come to the city between November 24th and December 22nd!

The Christmas markets in Bratislava are really fantastic, and they are very authentic. Here you can taste a whole lot of local food, local drinks, local snacks, and of course buy hand-made products from Slovakian artists. The primary markets are located only a few hundred meters away from one another, meaning that you can walk between the two Christmas markets throughout the day and combine it with some Bratislava sightseeing.

Christmas market Bratislava 2017

Christmas market in Bratislava at the main square – By Stefano_Valeri

Bratislava is a cute little city by the Danube, and you should consider whether you want to spend several days in Bratislava, or simply do a day-trip to Bratislava instead. Lots of people travel to Bratislava and stay at a nice hotel there, but during their stay, they do day-trips to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. The three mentioned cities have even larger Christmas markets, and especially Vienna has beautiful markets. The Austrian capital is less than an hour from Bratislava, making it ideal for a day trip. You can, of course, decide to reside in one of the other mentioned cities and do a day-trip to Bratislava instead. Accommodation is much cheaper in both Prague and Budapest, while Bratislava is a more expensive city, and Vienna is the most expensive of them all.

Christmas markets in Bratislava

November 24th-December 22nd
(some sources claim that the market will only open on November 26th, but the official invitation later says November 24th)

Do you have any questions or comments related to Bratislava or the Christmas markets in the city center? Use the comment field beneath!


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Andrea Bocelli concert on November 19th 🗓

Andrea Bocelli liveThe 19th of November in 2017 Andrea Bocelli will come to perform in Bratislava. This is a part of his 2017 tour, and we look forward to it!

If you come to Bratislava for the Andrea Bocelli concert on November 19th, you might get a big and positive surprise in addition. It is not something that will happen during the concert, but before and after you might be able to enjoy the fantastic annual Christmas markets in the city center of Bratislava. Those are a real treat with local products and much better prices than the similar markets in Budapest and Vienna, making it a great experience. We do not know the dates for this years Christmas markets yet, but hopefully it will open by the time Andrea Bocelli comes to town.

Andrea Bocelli will visit lots of cities in Europe in 2017. But, he is not touring in the same tempo as other stars. When he comes to Bratislava on November 19th, his last concert was in Prague 8 days earlier. When he leaves Bratislava he has six days to relax before entering the stage in Budapest on November 25th. If you want to listen to the beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli, buy your tickets using the Viagogo link beneath.

Andrea Bocelli Bratislava 2017

Ondrej Nepala
November 19th, 19:30

Tickets: Viagogo

You can find more information about the different activities in Bratislava here in our Bratislava Guide. We will hopefully publish articles on the upcoming Christmas markets in Bratislava as well within shortly, so keep coming back for updated information.

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Can I visit Prague on a day-trip from Bratislava?

Are you bored in the capital of Slovakia and look for options for day excursions from Bratislava. Are you considering a day-trip to Prague from Bratislava?

Most travelers would agree that Prague has lots more attractions and famous sights to offer its visitors than Bratislava. For that reason most people have already been to Prague, but they have yet to discover the beauties of Bratislava. But, if you still come to Bratislava and would like to do a day trip to Prague, then it can be done quite easily.

There are bus companies operating buses between Bratislava and Prague, for example Orangeways and Flixbus. You can do a quick Google search for those companies to book your tickets right away. There is however better options, and the best option is for sure your own private car. If you use a bus you will have to use time getting to the bus station in Bratislava first, then you need to get from the bus station in Prague to the city center, and as you leave Prague in the evening you will have to repeat those actions again. For that reason a private driver or your own private car is far more convenient.

Driving from Bratislava to Prague

The distance between Bratislava and Prague is 328km. Almost the entire road is done on highways, and the quickest route passes by the city of Brno, another Slovakian city you might consider to visit. According to Google Maps the travel time from Bratislava to Prague with your own car should be a bit more than 3 hours, without stops. If you want to stop and have something to eat along the way, then the travel time will of course be even longer.

You should of course not forget that when you actually arrive to Prague you will also need to find a place to park your car, and often you spend a long time doing so (unless you have planned where to park your car in Prague), so our recommendation is that you plan this beforehand in order to save time and get the most out of your day in Prague.

Visit the Prague Christmas market on a day trip from Bratislava

Visit the Prague Christmas market on a day trip from Bratislava

What to do in Prague on a day trip?

You will find lots of advises concerning your day trip to Prague in the Prague Guide. There you can also check the list of what’s on in Prague, in case you would like to travel to Prague to check out a concert, a festival or some other cool program.

Our general suggestions for a day in Prague would include walking across the Charles Bridge, visit the Old Town square, eating a Czech Goulash and taste some local beer, and maybe do a river cruise on the Vltava River.

We hope this information will help you out. If you have further questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath.

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Can I watch Slovakian football on Fubo TV?

I have heard lots of great stuff about the Fubo TV streaming service. Is it possible to stream Slovakian football there as well?

Unfortunately the Slovakian club football is quite poor, at least at the moment. Slovan Bratislava is one of the best teams in the nation, but they are still not good enough to perform well at an international level. They have been close to qualify for the Europe League/Champions League a couple of times, but unfortunately things always end up wrong in the last match (or second last), and thus there is little to rejoice in for fans of Slovakian football on the international club level. But, luckily the national is doing much better, and Slovakia has some fantastic football players active in some of the best leagues in Europe.

But, when it comes to streaming Slovakian fotball on Fubo TV the answer is no. It can unfortunately not be done, but there is still so much football to watch on Fubo TV, that you might not even miss the Slovakian football. Since February 2017 you can stream the top leagues and tournaments in Europe on Fubo TV. If you want to know more about Fubo TV, then you can read the following Fubo TV review for screenshots, general information, price information and much more.

Since Fubo TV broadcast both Europe League and Champions League we have a hope that in the near future you can watch some Slovakian teams on Fubo TV as well.

What’s up with Slovan Bratislava?

If you take a look at the standings for the Slovak Super Liga at the moment you might be surprised to find out that Slovan Bratislava is only located on the second spot, and quite far behind the leading team which is Zilina. That teams origins from the city of Zilina which is about 200km from Bratislava, and not so far from the Polish border and a city like Krakow.

There are still some matches left, but we have our doubts about Slovan Bratislava being able to catch up on Zilina. What do you think?


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Free shipping from Amazon.de to Slovakia!

Would you like to order a product from Amazon.de to Slovakia? Live in Bratislava and want to buy on German Amazon? You can now get free shipping as you order!

In the middle of November 2016 it was announced that Amazon.de now offer free shipping on orders of 39 Euro or more to nations such as Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It is a requirement that you order has to extend 39 Euro, but this principle is also used by companies in Slovakia, so that is not strange. You should however pay attention to the fact that this free shipping only works for orders that are shipped by Amazon.de.

If you visit Amazon.de and find a product that you like, then you must look for the following sentence: “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.”

If the product is dispatched by some other company then it will not be available with the free shipping. But, most products on Amazon.de are dispatched by Amazon.de as well, but keep this in mind.


Now you can have your orders shipped for free from Amazon.de to Slovakia

Order from Amazon.de in English

The German language is a nice one, but most people in Slovakia rather prefer to speak and read English. That is why it is a brilliant upgrade as Amazon.de can now be reached in English as well. You can read more about how you can visit Amazon.de in English in this article, or you can press the link beneath to visit Amazon.de  in English directly.

Are you ready to do some shopping? We have personally tried this and it works fantastic. And the fact that you get free shipping on orders exceeding 39 Euro makes it even better than it has ever been. In fact it makes it much cheaper than lots of local stores in Slovakia and in Bratislava, so make sure to compare prices with the German Amazon store before you go ahead and purchase something from a local store in Bratislava.

We are writing this article on Cyber Monday and today there are lots of special deals available on Amazon.de as well. There have been major discounts available throughout Black Friday, but they are soon to stop as Cyber Monday comes to an end. But, check the Amazon Store in Germany to see if they have any discounts available that will be of interest to you!

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Depeche Mode concert in Bratislava in 2017 🗓

On May 20th in 2017 it is time for a Depeche Mode concert in the Slovakian capital. Find out more about the Depeche Mode concert in Bratislava in 2017.

There is little doubt about the fact that the Depeche Mode concert in Bratislava in 2017 will be the biggest highlight in Bratislava in 2017. Maybe not for everyone, but if you are a fan of fantastic concerts and of Depeche Mode, then this will be better than Christmas Eve in 2017. The concert will be arranged at the Pasienky Stadium and it is expected to be packed with people. Normally this is the venue where Slovan Bratislava play their matches, but on May 20th this will not be about football, but about Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode is one of the most popular bands worldwide, and whenever they go on a tour stadiums are packed with people. That is why you can expect the stadium to be filled to the max with Depeche Mode fans, and if you want to be there, buy your tickets for the concert right away.

In addition to visit Bratislava the band will also visit Prague, Budapest, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Stockholm, Copenhagen and lots of other cities in Europe in 2017. Which concert do you want to go to?

Depeche Mode concert in Bratislava in 2017

Venue: Pasienky stadium
Date: May 20th

Tickets: Viagogo

Press the link above to buy tickets for this and all other Depeche Mode concert in Europe in 2017. Make sure to walk around in the old town of Bratislava to discover its atmosphere and nice restaurants. For advises and information, read on in our Bratislava Guide!

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Christmas markets in Bratislava in 2016 🗓

Christmas is drawing near, and maybe you are planning a trip to Bratislava. Want to know the dates for the Bratislava Christmas markets in 2016? Here you go!

The Christmas markets in Bratislava look really nice and as you visit them you can taste lots of local cuisine and snacks. Unfortunately the markets in Bratislava open later than in neighboring cities such as Vienna and Budapest, and they close a bit earlier as well. That is why you need to make sure to visit Bratislava in the following time span if you want to visit the most famous Christmas markets in Bratislava located at two main squares in the center of Bratislava.

Christmas market at Hviezdoslavovo námestie

Christmas market at Hviezdoslavovo námestie

Bratislava Christmas market dates in 2016

Opening: November 18th
Last day: December 22nd

These are the dates, so just book your plane tickets right away. If you need to book a nice hotel, then you should read this article in which we recommend hotels in Bratislava. And as you visit the Christmas markets in Bratislava, make sure to taste the delicious stuff available there. First of all you should taste some strawberries coated with chocolate, and lots of other stuff of course.

For more information about the Christmas markets in Bratislava click the link.

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Sports bars in Bratislava where you can watch Euro 2016 🗓

Euro 2016 is coming up in only a few weeks and this time it will be more interesting than ever before with Slovakia qualified for the tournament. But, where can you watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava?

There will for sure be TV screens available all around Bratislava in bars, restaurants and in pubs, and also in hotel rooms and so on, but if you want to watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava with lots of other fans then a sports pub is a good place to go. Now it isn’t that easy in Bratislava as in other cities, because Bratislava isn’t exactly packed with fantastic sports bars, but there are some places you clearly should consider!

If you want to watch Euro 2016 open air then you can also go to Vienna where there will be fantastic broadcasting of Euro 2016 in front of the City Hall, but there will probably be something similar in Bratislava as well, we only do not know about it yet!

Euro 2016 in Bratislava

Watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava

Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant, Sedlarska 6, Bratislava 811 01

Do a Google on this bar and you will find everything from fantastic reviews to the most terrible and people saying that the entire staff should be fired. Maybe you should go and give this place a try yourself and write a review afterwards telling us how you felt watching Euro 2016 in Dubliner Irish Pub in Bratislava?

U Belasych, Junácka 4, 83104 Bratislava

This might be one of the best sports bars in Bratislava, a bit outside the inner city center, but still quite easy to get to using a cab or some other sort of transportation. They are showing live sports every day of the week, so a good place to visit throughout the entire year.

Magic Sport Pub, Jungmannova 16, 851 01 Bratislava

This is just as much a restaurant as a pub, but it has a clear focus on sports and should serve as a great place if you want to watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava in a pub.

All Stars Cafe, Sedlarska 5, Bratislava

This is a place that has a quite good rumor, but also quite some reviews that are not so good, but in general a place people like to visit as they come to watch football matches and other sports events. They have lots of food and drink on their menu as well, so here you can combine watching the European Championship with some food.

Watch Euro 2016 in Bratislava somewhere else

You can of course watch Euro 2016 online while in Bratislava. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a phone and then you can follow these instructions and you will be ready to watch Euro 2016 online right away on UK television.

Slovakia will play their first match in the European Championship against Wales on June 11th and if they want to have any chance at getting to the knockout stage they will have to stop Gareth Bale in this match and grab the three points themselves.

You can also watch most of the Euro 2016 live on Slovakian TV in your hotel room.

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Watch Slovakian Netflix

Netflix is available in Slovakia and after its launch on January 6th in 2016 you can now watch four Mission Impossible films, lots of romantic films like Jackpot in Vegas, No Strings Attached and Bride Wars and tons of great TV series like The Blacklist, Elementary and of course Netflix productions like Orange is the New Black and more.

After years of waiting people were very happy to see that Netflix turned available in Slovakia and we believe that thousands of people will start their thirty day free trial at once as they realize that Netflix has arrived. But, what can you do if you are from Slovakia but live abroad and want to see Slovakian Netflix? It is very easy! All you need is a Netflix subscription in one nation (doesn’t matter which nation you have your subscription in) and in addition you will need a HideMyAss subscription. HideMyAss is a VPN provider and using their services you can get access to servers in more than 150 nations worldwide, and one of these nations are Slovakia. If you connect to a server in Slovakia you will get a Slovakian IP address, and once you have that you will get access to Slovakian Netflix as you visit netflix.com. That is in other words how easy it is to watch Slovakian Netflix from outside Slovakia.

In the same way you can do if you want to watch US Netflix in Slovakia or so. Because Netflix check your IP address you can just again use HideMyAss to change your IP address, and if you connect to a server in Mexico then you will get access to Mexican Netflix and if you connect to a server in Spain then you will get access to Spanish Netflix and more. If you want to know more about region switching with Netflix then this article and site is perfect for you!

If you want to know more about HideMyAss before you continue, then this review is useful reading!

netflix in Bratislava

Watching Master of None on Netflix in Slovakia

Upon the Netflix launch in Slovakia all content were available in English only, but it is expected to be made more Slovakian within the coming days and months, and thus Slovakian subtitles can be expected and also more content made in Slovakia and made by Slovakians!

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